Brent Neiman is the Edward Eagle Brown Professor of Economics at Chicago Booth. He conducts research on international macroeconomics, finance, and trade and is a co-founder and principal investigator of the Global Capital Allocation Project. He serves as the Director of the Initiative on International Economics at the Becker Friedman Institute, an Executive Board member of the Initiative for Global Markets at Chicago Booth, a Research Associate in the International Finance and Macroeconomics and the International Trade and Investment groups at the National Bureau of Economic Research, a Research Fellow at the Center for Economic Policy Research, and an Associate Editor of The American Economic ReviewThe Quarterly Journal of Economics, and The Journal of International Economics. He previously served as the staff economist for international finance on the White House Council of Economic Advisers and has worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, at McKinsey and Company, and at the McKinsey Global Institute.


February 8, 2021 in Announcements

Op-Ed in the FT

February 8, 2021 | Jonathan Dingel and I have an opinion piece in the Financial Times on working from home after the pandemic. Check it out here.
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December 18, 2020 in Announcements

Updated Draft of CMNS

December 18, 2020 | My paper “Redrawing the Map of Global Capital Flows: The Role of Cross-Border Financing and Tax Havens” (with Antonio Coppola, Matteo Maggiori, and Jesse Schreger) associates investments in shell companies and corporate affiliates in tax havens with the location of ultimate parent companies to better understand…
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October 29, 2020 in Announcements

Updated Draft of Neiman-Vavra

October 29, 2020 | Our paper "The Rise of Niche Consumption" documents divergent trends in the concentration of household and aggregate spending and develops a novel and analytically tractable model of heterogeneous households to explain and interpret these trends. Check it out here.
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